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Balancing the Scales

At fourteen, Tiffin is an expert horseman. His job is to tend the family’s goats and shoe horses in his father’s smithy. He longs to become an etherae – a group of individuals with the ability to wield elemental powers over earth, plants, food, and more. Anyone is welcome to study at the prestigious academy, but only a few become great. However, his responsibilities prevent him from enrolling.

A sickness spreading throughout the land, and it is always fatal. The only known cure is made from a rare dragon scale plucked from the deadliest of the dragon breeds, and no one can find the dragon let alone get close to it. When Tiffin’s aunt succumbs to the illness, he must retrieve the rare dragon scale for the antidote. Tiffin has no guarantee that if he’s successful his aunt will survive, but he rides fearlessly toward the lair.

He has less than a fortnight to find the scale, return, and hope that the potion can be brewed in time.

Pre-order for the e-book available now on The official release date is September 27, 2023 and available at most online retailers world wide.

Coming Attraction

Elizabeth Morris and Amara Baker have just landed their dream jobs on the set of a film, but on opposite sides of the camera.

Amara gets her first role as a leading lady, and she is determined to take the spotlight. But her costar, Scott Harper, threatens her chances of being noticed. Amara doesn’t mix business with pleasure, but her heart-throb costar has other ideas.

Elizabeth has won her first bid as the Costuming Director for the film. One of the principals happens to be her teen idol, Jared Rains. Her crush doesn’t seem interested, and nostalgic infatuation nearly blinds her to another opportunity.

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