About The Laura

It started when I was in seventh grade. I was 11. And in my tiny school, the cool thing to do was to try to write stories and pass them around. I wasn’t the first to hop on the bandwagon, but when I did, the others quit because they were reading my book. 

I studied English at college and minored in psychology. In 2009, I met my husband and moved about 1,000 miles to Texas to be with him. I published my debut novel, Coming Attraction, a celebrity rom-com in November 2022.  In September 2023, I published my first young adult fantasy novel. 2024 promises more rom-coms to follow!

With my celebrity romcoms, I am trying to capture the idea of coming back to age for women like me who are over 40 and are reclaiming all the things they wanted to do in their 20s but didn’t have the courage, time, or money to do. 

Laura G